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Candice Mansfield is a loving mother to three beautiful children, devoted wife and full-time badass. She works hard, loves harder and brings her all to everything she does. She has fought melanoma through a pregnancy, and has now been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. While any cancer is hard to face, metastatic melanoma is a beast - but it has chosen a formidable opponent in Candi, as any opposing roller derby player could tell you.

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TK-Oh was a hard hitting blocker on the track (we all have the bruises to prove it). Once she retired from derby she took on her next challenge...writing a book.

The Elements Series is a 4-book dystopian saga of transcending the environment, facing the impossible, & becoming who you are meant be...all beginning on the ocean floor.

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Our 2015 home season runs from April to May. We love when fans follow us on the road, so check our schedule for the next away bout. 


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