Derby 101 Gear Guide

Roller derby is this amazing thing, you went to your first session and you are now ready to kick some butt, but first you need gear and with derby there is a lot of gear. So take it from skaters that been around the track a couple times. Below is a list of the essentials for a new derby skater and a little explantion about each product. 


In every other category we will list a couple options but for the mouth guard there is one favorite. Sisu is low profile so you can breath, eat, and drink with it in and it forms right to your mouth so there is no worry about it fitting right. 


The S1 is a multiple impact helmet. Derby is a full contact sport and it is worth taking into consideration that your noggin might get knocked around a little. It is more expensive up front but will last longer.

Triple Eight is a starter helmet. It is not meant to be worn after 1 collision. It will do it's job protecting your head but after one good hit you should purchase a new one.


Triple Eight pads package is clearly the most cost effective and can be too tempting when it comes to getting everything you need in one place. The elbow and wrist guards are not bad but we highly recommend investing in some heavy duty knee pads (not included in this package.

187 Killer Pads are just awesome. When it comes to knee pads the protection they offer is far superior to Triple Eight. The same is true for the elbow pads but you will fall on your knees far more than you will fall on your elbows. The 187 wrist guards are low profile, which some skaters love and some don't. It means they offer less support to the wrist, which if you look at the Triple Eights above, it is clear they would go further down, covering your wrists more. 


The R3 is a very common starter derby skate. It is perfect for improving your skating skills while learning the sport of roller derby, the only downfall with the R3 is that the boot is made up of a synthetic material which will break down faster than a leather boot. This skate comes with a PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate, which is light and flexible. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. The bearings and wheels included with these skates are good but not the best.

If you are an avid skater but new to the sport or just ready to go all in for derby you might want to go right to the Vixen. It has a sliker boot which offers more mobility for ankle. A leather boot is going to last longer and form to your foot better, as you break it in. These boots are known to be slim, so it will take longer for a wider foot to feel comfortable in these skates. This skate comes with a PowerDyne Thrust Nylon Plate which is light and great for speed.


Antiks are known for the high ankles on their boots. The high ankle offers lots of ankle support and stability, great for blockers. The Antik has a built in toe protector and a wide toe box, which makes them easy to break in.  A very comfortable skate. This skate has a PowerDyne Triton plate which is aluminium with a wide foot plate design for added stability.