Under the Helmet with Smash Bandicute


Real Name: Helena Gazella

Number: 24

Day Job (since derby doesn't pay yet): South Bend Chocolate Cafe

Position: You will see me in the pack giving the jammers hell

People often ask me "why do I do it?" Why do I play roller derby? Why do I put my through the ringer two hours a practice, three times a week? Why do I volunteer so much time for something I don't get paid for? 

Because it's fun. And I'm good at it. I've never played sports before derby, nor did I have any hobbies to occupy my free time. Roller derby has opened up so many doors for me. It's allowed me to become close with many different types of people. It has given me a confidence that I lacked throughout the majority of my life. It's turned me into an athlete that I never imagined I could be. 

What do you to recover from workouts and soreness?- I usually recover with a protein shake, a hot shower/bath and lots of stretching. 

What is your pre-bout routine?  My bout days usually go like this: I wake up entirely too early. I make a big (but healthy, for the most part) breakfast, put on my "boutfit" and usually listen to something upbeat.. Which usually turns into a dance party in my room until it's time to leave.